Executive and Professional Development

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If you want your organization to be known as an "Employer of Choice", you need to make sure your human resource management team is top notch. They need to be aware of current trends in HR, legislation, generational issues, compensation plans, work-life balance issues, interviewing techniques and so much more.

We have a number of courses that can help, ranging from an introductory level program through to a Certificate in Professionalism for the HR Practitioner.

CERTIFICATE IN Professionalism for the HR Practitioner - understand the changing trends in the HR field and how they can be used effectively within your organization.
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Compensation Planning Basics for HR Practitioners - understanding the relationships between compensation, HR and business strategies.
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Legal and Human Rights Issues at Work - developing human resource policies that comply and respect legislation, the best practices.
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Talent Selection, Development and Retention - all aspects of the interview process from preparation to using Behavioural Description Interviewing (BDI).
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