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Financial and Emotional Solutions for Today's Family


Taking care of our families and finances can be two of the most stressful activities in our lives. This stress can adversely affect productivity, physical and mental health and relationships. The Financial Independence for Today’s Family workshop will provide the tools and skills to successfully manage your family finances.  The Combatting Compassion Fatigue workshop will enhance your coping skills and help improve self-care techniques.

Financial Independence for Today’s Family

As a busy parent, more and more is asked of you. Do you feel your financial life is out of control?  Whether you’re in a low, medium or high income bracket, high debt levels, ever-increasing family expenses and changing family arrangements can all have a negative impact on financial planning. This financial stress causes unwanted distractions at home and work. This innovative, four-week program will help you discover valuable strategies and learn how to help yourself and your family by making informed financial decisions.

Dates: TBD
Days and Time
Instructor: Doug Wright
Course Fee: $85+tax
Location:  Saint Mary's University

Coping with Compassion Fatigue

Do you provide ongoing support for family members? Do you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to balance this along with other work and family commitments? Compassion fatigue is a normal mental health and emotional consequence of helping loved ones. It can cause insomnia, anger and irritability, headaches, depression, emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion.  This two-week program will enable you to develop self-care strategies and an early-warning system to combat compassion fatigue. For anyone providing support for loved ones, it will enhance home life, reduce stress and promote balance in your life.

Dates: TBD
Days and Time: 
Instructor: Caroleann Simmons
Course Fee: $85+tax
Location: Saint Mary's University

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Doug Wright

Doug Wright, CFP, financial planner, educator and author, has been helping individuals and families meet their financial planning needs for over 20 years. Doug currently serves as President and Financial Planner with Wiltshire Financial Management Inc., and founded Empoweru Money Programs, personal finance coaching programs for those who want take their personal finances to another level.

Caroleann Simmons

Caroleann Simmons is a seasoned facilitator in mental health/wellness education and a certified Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma Educator. She holds national and international designations from Green Cross Academy of Traumatology.   She is recognized nationally for assessing through networking and community capacity building, and developing and implementing a very successful Transition/Outreach Program to assist families in all areas.  She is extensively trained in current skills for transition, mental/physical health and wellness education, and has represented military families on several national advisory committees.