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Congrats to all the participants at the Nova Scotia Fair

More than 50 grade 4 – 9 students from all corners of Nova Scotia took part in this year’s Heritage Fair celebrations on June 4 and 5, presenting projects on dozens of topics relating to Canadian and Nova Scotian history and heritage. See some of the outstanding students who took part profiled on our Facebook page.

Anthropology professor Dr. Jonathan Fowler speaking at the 2015 Nova Scotia Heritage Fair
Dr. Jonathan Fowler greeting students and parents at the 2015 Nova Scotia Heritage Fair

The opening ceremony on June 4 put the province’s multiplicity of heritages and cultures on full display. Opening with performances by the Samqwan Boyz, a group of young Mi’kmaq drummers from Millbrook First Nation, the evening carried on with a Gaelic welcome from Katherine Macleod (Learning and Media Specialist at the Highland Village in Iona, Cape Breton), and an epoch-spanning presentation about Mi’kmaq history by artist and educator Gerald Gloade, of the Mi’kmawey Debert Cultural Centre. Finally, Anthropology professor Dr. Jonathan Fowler gave a compelling speech on the importance of observation in the study of history—of paying careful attention to details and drawing conclusions from the evidence of the past, to learn more about who we are and  from where we’ve come.

Dean of Arts Dr. Margaret MacDonald also gave the students and parents words of welcome from the Saint Mary’s community: “Day after day, Saint Mary’s is all about offering an environment where students can learn about the richness of the world’s cultures, languages, literatures and history. And it’s amazing to have young people to be here today already doing the hard work of research, writing, presentation, and learning about your own communities and history.”



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