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The Faculty of Arts expresses condolences to the family and friends of Ernest Douglas Day, one of the founders of Saint Mary's Department of Geography, who on October 10 passed away at the age of 78. Read more about his life here.


Our Arts with Impact

In 2017, what do the Liberal Arts mean to students, professors, and Canada at large? We've created a new website to explore those questions, and highlight the outreach, impact, and community efforts of our faculty, alumni, and students.

Check out SMUArts.ca.

SMARTS Peer Mentoring 

The new SMarts Advantage program provides first-year students a chance to connect with and learn from senior students. New students will get the support necessary to have a successful and engaging first year, and gain new skills they can put to use for during the rest of their studies. 

Check out all the details here.

A New Vision

The Faculty of Arts is pleased to present our new Vision Statement—a succinct reflection of the principles and values that we are committed to upholding. Click the cover below.

Arts Vision Statement Cover

Plan Your Degree

Plan Your Degree with the help of our Arts Advising Centre.

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