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Because there is a fine and sometimes confusing line between leadership, management, supervision, innovation and engagement, this year we’ve decided to put them all in one place. These topics are closely related and deciding where to start can be difficult. We’ve divided them into introductory or foundational programs and more advanced ones with a final section on management topics. We hope this makes it easier for you.


CERTIFICATE IN Building a Workplace-of-Choice
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CERTIFICATE IN Engaging Stakeholders and Leading Change
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CERTIFICATE IN Managing Today's Workforce
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CERTIFICATE IN Skills for New Managers
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CERTIFICATE IN Team Building and Group Dynamics
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Course in:

    Foundations: Building a Strong Footing
    Excellence: Framing and Finishing
    Management:  Maintaining and Renovating

 Foundations: Building a Strong Footing
Foundational People Leadership and Management

Think of this section of programming as a good starting place if you’re just assuming a leadership role or this is your first experience with management development training. Ideal for giving you a strong footing in the fundamental concepts and best practises that are key to being an effective supervisor or team lead. Many of these programs include a number of assessment tools and activities. They will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can identify areas that need development. You can focus on strengthening the key competencies required to succeed in your role. 

 Applying Strategic Thinking
 Building Strong and Successful Teams
 Developing Managerial Effectiveness 
 Essentials of Managing People
 Essential Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders
 Leadership Skills for the New Manager
 Mentoring Fundamentals for Mentees
 Mentoring Fundamentals for Mentors
 Recognizing and Managing Personality Differences 


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Excellence: Framing and Finishing
Leadership Excellence: People and Organization

Consider this programming if you’re asking “what’s next?” You understand what and why but you’ve experienced lots and you want to develop, sharpen and perhaps even regroup. If you’re already established in a leadership or management role, these programs will help you engage your team and stakeholders on a new level. They will teach you how to lead and manage such that have influence and respect among your peers and direct reports. On an organizational level, these seminars will help you understand the complexity of the factors involved in effecting any kind of shift so that your organization can reach a new stage in its development.

 Aligning Team and Organization: The Personal Approach
 Building Trust within the Organization
 NEW Coaching for Development and Performance
 Creating a Respectful Workplace
 Critical Thinking and Strategic Problem Solving
 Developing Engagement Practices
 Engaging Stakeholders
 Fostering Workplace Excellence
 Influencing Behaviour and Developing Potential
 Making Change Work
 Maximizing Your Management Effectiveness
 Understanding People Dynamics


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Management: Maintaining and Renovating

Like a tool kit this section has a few speciality items. Managers are often required to facilitate a new initiative or explore options. The seminars in this section are aimed at specific areas of management within an organization. Learn how to manage your social media strategy, develop marketing campaigns that are satisfying to both the organization and the consumer, how to analyze all that data that we collect, what you should know about governance, policies, wellness and more.


Ensuring Effective Organizational Structure and Process
 Policy in the Modern Organization 


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