eLearning Centre

I Want to Teach Online

Studio Teaching and Learning provides assistance and guidance to individual faculty members who wish to develop a course for delivery on the web. We provide training in using the course management system and lots of support for organizing the content and developing the learning activities. Studio staff code and link the coded content and learning activities into the course management system.

Here are the steps after the faculty member has indicated a desire to develop a course entirely online:

  1. Studio - eLearning staff meets with the instructor to go over our procedures and timelines. If all is agreeable, and if there has not been a confirmation previously from the department chairperson, Studio - eLearning contacts the chairperson to advise him/her of this interest. We also advise the instructor to talk with the department chairperson about his/her desire to develop and teach an online course.
  2. If the department chair and department are supportive of this initiative then Studio - eLearning prepares a development contract which outlines the timeline and the tasks to be completed. The development contract is signed by the department chairperson, the Dean, and then the faculty member and Studio - eLearning. We want to avoid development of a course which will not be supported by the academic department and the Dean.
    • In a few cases, the instructor has contacted us but it turns out that the department is not supportive of the initiative. Then things stop and no development is done through Studio - eLearning.
  3. Development usually takes about 10 to 15 weeks; can take less than that but usually not less than 8 weeks. Studio - eLearning pays a stipend equivalent to what the instructor gets paid for teaching the course. We strive to have regular meetings with the faculty member when a course is being developed. This helps to keep everyone on a regular timeline and prevents falling behind the timeline.
  4. Once a course has been developed and scheduled for delivery, the course developer has first right of refusal. That is, the developer teaches the course they developed unless they don't wish to do so (a variety of reasons here) in which case it gets advertised and staffed according to regular hiring procedures for FT and PT faculty.


  • Developing an online course is much more work than any faculty member anticipates. While content is one component, just as important, and maybe even more important, are creative ways of engaging students in learning and sharing in the creation of knowledge. This latter aspect can be the most challenging. While we never turn down an opportunity to work with a faculty member on developing an online course, we are constrained by limited time and resources.
  • Web course development is accessed directly through the course management system.The instructor will be assigned a web account to develop the web course.
  • Studio - eLearning pays a stipend for development. For a FT faculty member, that would be the equivalent of a basic stipend. We likely would not start biweekly payments until about 50% of the course was developed. Then when the course is delivered, Studio - eLearning pays the same stipend amount (ie, a second payment, this time for teaching) for the teaching of the course.