Dr. Madine VanderPlaat - Profile


Madine VanderPlaat specializes in the well-being of women, children and families and is trained in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies with a particular focus on participatory research strategies; gender analysis and evaluation research.   She has extensive experience working in multidisciplinary, inter-sectoral research environments at both the national and international level.     Her research and publication interests focus on immigrant families, citizen participation, social inclusion and civil society. Her recent research projects include an analysis of the socio-economic impact of family class immigration, support use patterns of youth in challenging social ecologies; the design of a research program for developing public health capacity to promote health equity; the development of a qualitative methodological framework for measuring family  migration and settlement decision-making; an analysis of settlement patterns of sponsored parents/grandparents;  an examination of integration outcomes for immigrant women in Canada;  an overview of laws, policies and practices related to racism and discrimination in Canada;  an examination of formal and informal community support services for abused and neglected older adults;  and an exploration of parent-teen conflict in immigrant communities.   In addition to the above, she delivered conferences papers on a number of topics including:  sociological perspectives on resilience and youth; challenges in researching migration as a family project; gender, conflict and violence in immigrant families; asylum seeking minors and human rights; social and cultural stressors on immigrant families; asylum seeking minors and the best interests of the child and the impact of family on immigration experiences.  Dr. VanderPlaat is currently the Associate Dean of Arts, Research and Outreach.