Department of Religious Studies

Graduate Studies

This programme brings together two complementary, interdisciplinary programmes, Theology (AST) and Religious Studies (SMU). Graduate students will experience a diverse and rich field of expertise in the study of religion.

Students will have a unique opportunity to explore and articulate the relationship between Theology and Religious Studies, especially as the fields have evolved both within Canada and internationally. The focus of the programme will be research on religious and theological issues and religious communities regionally, nationally and internationally in order to recognize the importance of the multicultural, religiously plural realities of Canada, the Americas and many nations around the world. Students may also choose to study the traditional religious studies and theological areas, such as comparative religions, comparative ethics, biblical studies, systematic theology and pastoral theology.

For a draft of the detailed program description go Master of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies in the current Academic Calendar (Graduate Studies).

Please address enquiries to:

Syed Adnan Hussain Ph.D.,
Graduate Coordinator
Department of Religious Studies
Saint Mary's University
Halifax, NS., B3H 3C3
902-496-8217 or for applicants through The Atlantic School of Theology contact

Phone: 902 423 2242