Department of Mathematics & Computing Science

Faculty Research

Dr. Robert Dawson

My main research areas are convex and combinatorial geometry and category theory, I have also written research papers in statistics, computer science, elementary number theory, homology theory, topology, and the history of math textbooks. 

Dr. Arthur Finbow
Graph Theory, Well-Covered graphs, Domination in Graphs, Planar Triangulations, Network security

Dr. Wendy Finbow-Singh
Combinatorial Geometry (Polytopes) and Rigidity Theory

Mr. Andrew Hare
Mathematics Education

Dr. Bert Hartnell
Graph Theory (in particular in the area of domination and independence problems, such as well-covered graphs, firefighting, the watchman problem, games on graphs, domination in the Cartesian product of graphs and other dynamic domination problems).

Dr. John Irving
Algebraic combinatorics, particularly enumerative problems underlying questions in geometry and representation theory

Dr. Bashir Khan
Preliminary test estimator, James-Stein estimator, and their improved versions. The performances of these estimators are compared to the usual estimators in various situations and problems through biases, mean squares errors, and risk functions.

Dr. Stavros Konstantinidis
Formal language and automaton theory, decidability, complexity, coding theory, DNA computing

Dr. Pawan Lingras
Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets, Information Retrieval.

Dr. Mitja Mastnak
Algebra (Hopf Algebra, Homological Algebra), Analysis (operator theory, free probability)

Dr. Paul Muir
Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, Runge-Kutta methods, and the adaptive method-of-lines for the numerical solution of partial differential equations.

Dr. Sageev Oore

machine learning and deep learning architectures, with an emphasis on creative applications

Dr. Diego Rojas
Set Theory, Mathematical Logic

Dr. Porter Scobey
Dr. Scobey wrote Pascal and C++ lab manuals used in first-year courses for many years; started annual High School Programming Competition in 2000; developed an extensive website for use as a C++ STL reference; received Father William A. Stewart, S. J., Medal for Excellence in Teaching (2004); co-authored a university text on web programming published by Jones and Bartlett (2012).