International Development Studies

International Development Studies

Welcome to the International Development Studies (IDS) program. This site provides more extensive information than that found in the IDS Program's entry in the Saint Mary's University Academic Calendar.  We especially encourage you to have a look at the IDS Handbook 2014-2015and to explore the various links we have provided for your interest and use.  

International Development Studies (IDS), which offers BA, MA, and PhD degree, enjoys an international reputation as Saint Mary's University's flagship interdisciplinary program leading the university's commitment to a relevant and internationalized undergraduate and graduate curriculum. IDS serves as a major institutional location for teaching and research for faculty members wishing to focus their professional academic work on the perspectives, policies and practices of international development.

SMU-IDS and Employment

Our program of study will provide you with a solid education for employment in national, international, and civil society organizations for which a thorough understanding of local, regional, national and international development perspectives and policies is required. Such organizations include many departments, ministries and agencies of the federal government of Canada (CIDA, External Affairs) and those of other national governments, multilateral development agencies (e.g., the United Nations, World Bank Group, OECD, WTO) , refugee and immigration services, non-governmental organizations (e.g., Oxfam, CUSO, IUCN) and professions such as teaching, journalism, development planning, administration, and enterprise development, especially within less-developed regions. Please see the section of our IDS Handbook , "Where They Are Now", for a brief look at where many of our students have found employment after their SMU-IDS education.

We hope you will find the academic and personal opportunities provided by our interdisciplinary program exciting and challenging, and that you will consider a career in the very rewarding field of international development. Working in international development can provide you with employment combining international travel with the satisfaction of bringing together the thinking of analysis and explanation with the doing of everyday practice, all focused on improving rights, social justice and the creation of effective, workable solutions to improve the living conditions of all global citizens without exception.