Department of History

Xiaoping Sun Profile

Assistant Professor 
B.A. Qiqihar University, China
M.A. Liaoning University, China; University of California, Santa Cruz 
Ph.D University of California, Santa Cruz

Office: McNally North 231 
Phone: 902-420-5764 

Dr. Sun received her MA in Comparative Literature from Liaoning University, China, and her Ph.D. in History from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She taught at Beijing Jiaotong University and McMaster University before joining Saint Mary’s in 2009. Her research interests include gender, war and society, state-society relations in 20th-century China,
and the history of food and environment in Northeast China.

Recently Taught Courses

  • East Asia (1st year)
  • China before 1800 (2nd year)
  • China since 1949 (2nd year)
  • Love & Family in China (3rd year)
  • Memories of WWII in China (4th year)
  • Engendering China (4th year)

Research and Selected Publications

Book review of Linda Benson, China since 1949: 2nd Edition, Harlow: Pearson Education Limited, 2011, forthcoming in China Review International.

Book review of Louise Edwards, Gender, Politics, and Democracy: Women’s Suffrage in China, Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2008, forthcoming in China Review International

Encyclopedia entries on “Qiu Jin,” “Xu Yucheng,” “Yang Zhihua,” “Ding Ling,” and “Deng Yinchao,” in Tiffany Wayne, ed, Feminist Writings from Ancient Times to the Modern World: A Global Sourcebook and History. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood
Press, 2011.

“Qiu Jin,” “Xu Yucheng,” “Yang Zhihua,” “Ding Ling,” and “Deng Yinchao,” in Tiffany Wayne, ed, History of Feminist Thought. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press. Forthcoming

“Powerful Husbands and Virtuous Wives: The Leadership of the Women’s Guidance Committee of the New Life Movement, 1936-38,” California Digital Library eScholarship Repository, February 2007.


Translated Gail Hershatter’s “Birthing Stories: Rural Midwives in 1950s China,” and Emily Honig’s “Crossing the Gender Divide: Iron Girlism and Sent-down Youth during the Cultural Revolution,” in Wang Zheng et al, Bainian Zhongguo nüquan sichao yanjiu (A hundred years of feminism in China). Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2005.