Department of Environmental Science

Linda Campbell

Office: Science Building
Contact: Linda Campbell
Research website:


Research Interests:

  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to improve our understanding of anthropogenic and natural impacts in the environment, with focus on aquatic ecosystems.

Some recent publications (see Dr. Campbell's research website for the most up-to-date list & links to publications):

NR Razavi*, M Qu, B Jin, W Ren, Y Wang & LM Campbell. 2014. Mercury biomagnification in subtropical reservoir fishes of eastern China. Ecotoxicology. 23(2):133-146.

D Depew*, NM Burgess & LM Campbell.
Spatial patterns of methylmercury risks to common loons and piscivorous fish in Canada. 2013. Environmental Science & Technology. 47(22): 13093-13103.

RA Lavoie*, T Jardine, M Chumchal, KA Karen & LM Campbell. Biomagnification of mercury in aquatic food webs: a worldwide meta-analysis. 2013. Environmental Science & Technology. 47(23):13385-13394.

M Arcagni*, LM Campbell, MA Arribere, M Marvin-DiPasquale, A Rizzo, S Ribeiro Guevara. 2013. Differential mercury transfer in the aquatic food web of a double basined lake associated with selenium and habitat. Science of The Total Environment. 454: 170-180.

Depew DC*, NM Burgess & LM Campbell. Modelling mercury concentrations in prey fish: Derivation of a national-scale common indicator of dietary mercury exposure for piscivorus fish and wildlife. Environmental Pollution 176:234-243.

Razavi NR*, JJ Ridal, W de Wit, MBC Hickey, LM Campbell & PV Hodson. 2013. Ebullition rates and mercury concentrations in St. Lawrence River sediments and a benthic invertebrate. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 32(4): 857–865.

Depew DC*, NM Burgess, MR Anderson, R Baker, SP Bhavsar, RA Bodaly, CS Eckley, MS Evans, N Gantner, JA Graydon, KJacobs, JE LeBlanc, VL St. Louis & LM Campbell. 2013 An overview of mercury (Hg) concentrations in freshwater fish species: A national fish Hg dataset for Canada. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 70(3): 436-451.

Arcagni M*, LM Campbell, MA Arribere, K Kyser, K Klassen & SE Ribeiro Guevara. 2013. Food web structure in a double-basin ultra-oligotrophic lake in Northwest Patagonia, Argentina, using carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes. Limnologica. 
43: 131-142.

Allan JD, PB McIntyre, SDP Smith, BS Halpern, GL Boyer, A Buchsbaum, GA Burton Jr, LM Campbell, WL Chadderton, JJH Ciborowski, PJ Doran, T Eder, DM Infante, LB Johnson, CA Joseph, AL Marino, A Prusevich, JG Read, JB Rose, ES Rutherford, SP Sowa & AD Steinman. 2012. Joint analysis of stressors and ecosystem services to enhance restoration effectiveness. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. (Open Access, supplementary material also available.)  [Also, check out the GLEAM website.]