Division of Engineering

Saint Mary’s Division of Engineering offers a two-year, accredited Diploma in Engineering that provides students with a basic understanding of scientific principles, and a foundation in engineering mathematics, design, and technical communication.

After a general program of study in their first year, students focus on one of the following engineering disciplines in their second year: environmental, chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, materials, or mineral resource.

A student sits at a wind turbine in an engineering laboratory

Personalized Instruction Thanks to our small class sizes and undergraduate focus, engineering students benefit from hands-on learning opportunities and personalized instruction: most of our classes have a maximum of forty students, and both our labs and lectures are taught by professors.

Students also have access to undergraduate research opportunities and a range of academic supports, including the PEER One Mentorship program and the Science Numeracy and Academic Proficiency (SNAP) Centre, which provides first-year students free access to academic tutors.

Flexible Learning OptionsEngineering studies at Saint Mary’s provides the first two years of an engineering degree in association with neighbouring Dalhousie University and the University of Windsor in Southwestern Ontario. After completing the Diploma in Engineering, a student can also remain an extra year or two at Saint Mary’s to pursue a two-and-a-half or three-year B.Sc. degree with Diploma in Engineering or a four-year Bachelor of Science, Major in Mathematics with a Diploma in Engineering.

  • Watch a video about what to expect in first-year engineering