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Students with undergraduate degrees in science or engineering wishing to pursue graduate studies in engineering can enroll in our Master’s of Science (MSc) in Applied Science program.

The Master’s of Science in Applied Science program combines graduate-level coursework and a thesis-based research project. Students generally start their degree in September, and proceed through the program according to the following timeline:

Year 1 Year 2
Fall Winter Summer Fall Winter Summer
Courses Research

Students enrolled in the MSc program receive a minimum yearly stipend of $16,000. Students who receive external scholarships often receive a higher stipend.


Students in the MSc program complete five courses, usually according following schedule:

Fall: APSC 6600: Graduate Seminar (part I)
  APSC 6601: Research Techniques
Winer: APSC 6600: Graduate Seminar (part II)

The work completed under these courses is designed to better prepare the students for the research phase of their program.


Students in the MSc program complete a thesis-based research project. A student’s research project is expected to be composed of several individual studies or experiments. With guidance from their supervisor, students develop a research proposal that details the studies to be completed, resources required, and target timeline. The research proposal is then presented to the student’s supervisory committee for approval. Students present their research project in the form of a written thesis, which they then must defend successfully before the MSc degree is awarded.

Interested in Applying?

Students interested in undertaking an MSc should first contact the faculty member with whom they would like to work. Please read about our faculty members' research profiles.