The Department Criminology offers a Major, Minor and Honours program. We also offer a Master of Arts in Criminology and a Co-op option for undergraduate students.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, including the honours program, provides students with an opportunity for focused study of various forms of regulation, policing, punishment, justice, law, corrections and justice.  The development of a coherent program at the undergraduate level enables students to obtain a solid foundation in Criminology for further study at the graduate level; for the pursuit of Criminology-related disciplines; and for careers in the related professions.  A structured honours program is included for outstanding undergraduate students intending to pursue a Master's degree.

As a criminology student, you will be tasked with thinking about criminology and criminal justice in new and challenging ways. How do societies define and respond to crime? How is law created and reformed, and what happens to people in the justice system? Explore these topics and gain an understanding of how they connect to broader issues of social regulation and control.