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Welcome to the Department of Biology at Saint Mary's University. On this web site you will find information about the faculty and staff in the department, programs offered, course descriptions, news and upcoming events.

Information about research and teaching assistantship opportunities can also be found on this page, links to individual Faculty research pages and the latest biological developments in the News and Events section.

The information on this web site is updated frequently so watch for changes. Should you find any discrepancies in the academic information, please check the appropriate Academic Calendar or contact the Biology Department or Registrar's Office for the latest information.


Photo: J. Lundholm.

 Course curriculum changes in effect for the 2015-16 Academic Year

For all students entering the Biology major in 2015/16 be sure to check out the new course requirements for the major on the Programs link on the right hand menu above.

For continuing students - check out the course descriptions/course number and prerequisite changes that arose from the recent departmental program review.


Biology Honours Class - 2015The Department held the honours thesis defences on Friday March 27. Here is the happy group (after the oral presentations were over).


Left to right: Michael Buckland-Nicks, Philip Parsons, Sasha Power, Kathleen Hipwell, Rebecca Robertson, Roseanne Amasheh, Ashley Weir. Missing from photo - Christopher Lombardo.