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Conflict Resolution

To excel at resolving conflict, you need to understand the causes of conflict and which strategy will work best for each situation. If you find it difficult to resolve conflict or manage awkward situations, you will benefit from the theory and hands-on practice opportunities provided in the courses below.

Our Certificate in Resolving Conflict gives you the opportunity to focus your learning on your area of need or interest. Resolving conflict applies to all aspects of personal and professional life and is something everyone should feel comfortable doing. New this year is a one-day program on the role technology plays in conflict. So take a few minutes to browse through our seminars. These programs can be taken individually or combined to complete your Certificate in Resolving Conflict.

CERTIFICATE IN Managing Conflict - Learn about all the options and when to use each one.
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Foundations of Conflict Resolution - Powerful and practical approach to dealing with conflicts effectively.
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Managing and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace – Conflict coaching and designing informal interventions
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Negotiation and Dispute Resolution - Get hands-on opportunities to negotiate, mediate and/or litigate
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Third Party Neutral- Understandhow you prepare, convene and support parties in conflict
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