Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies

Minor in Latin American Studies

This program is administered by the Department of Modern Languages and Classics.

Students majoring in discipline other than Spanish may obtain a minor in Latin American Studies by completing the equivalent of twenty-four (24) credit hours approved for the program. These must include:

a) SPAN 1000 Introduction to Latin American Studies
b) SPAN 1100 Introduction to the Spanish Language
c) HIST 2375 Modern Latin America
d) And twelve (12) other credit hours with a focus on Latin America in at least two different disciplines taken from the list below:

  • CRIM 4515 Drugs and Power in Latin America
  • HIST 1260 History of the Americas
  • HIST at the 3000 level or above
  • IDST 4463 Latin America: Contemporary Development Issues
  • SPAN 3304 Americas: Changing Face of Latin America
  • SPAN 3310 Latin America Culture
  • SPAN 3312 Introduction to Latin American Literature
  • and other courses approved by the program coordinator.

Students are referred to the Spanish section of this Academic Calendar for the Department Policy on course placement.