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Budgeting Essentials

If accounting isn’t your background, it can be frustrating when tasked with reviewing transactions or trying to understand how transactions are recorded. This two-day seminar will simplify budgeting, accounting, and allow you to focus on keeping track of your finances. Starting with basic journal entries, you will learn how each entry builds to create the final financial statements. Learn about the key steps in budget preparation including month-end accruals and adjustments. This course is taught in an entertaining and easy-to-understand format that will leave you with sound knowledge about the essentials of budgeting.

Budgeting Essentials is an elective seminar for the Certificate in Skills for New Managers.

REQUIREMENT:  Please bring a calculator to class.

DATES - 2 Day Seminar


Facilitator: Debi Peverill, BComm, CA
Location: Saint Mary’s at the World Trade Centre, 8th Floor, 1800 Argyle Street



Program Content

BudgetingEssentialsImage1Accounting Definitions 

  • Become familiar with accounting terms and phrases used by experts
  • Gain an understanding of the main statement categories such as assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and expenses

Budgeting Essentials

  • Understand books of original entry – the source of all bookkeeping entries
  • Understand the building blocks of financial statements
  • Gain hands-on experience recording entries

Interactive Case Studies

  • Participate in hands-on, problem-solving exercises designed to help you understand the basics of accounting
  • Prepare budgets for a sample company; compute all calculations for sales, depreciation, interest, prepaid expenses, and month-end accruals

What You Will Learn

  • Basic accounting terminology
  • How to record entries
  • Month-end adjustments
  • Debits and credits
  • Acceptable accounting methods
  • Budget categories and their contents
  • Important factors used in budgeting
  • Key concepts and steps to follow when preparing a budget

Who Should Attend?

You will benefit from this seminar if you:

  • Are a new manager
  • Work in business and need an overall understanding of accounting and budgeting
  • Are a small business owner/office manager
  • Have a budget you must work from or need to improve your knowledge of budgeting as part of your job
  • Want a better understanding of budgeting terminology