Name: Dr. Yash P. Singh

Position: Prof., Mathematics and Computing Science; Chair, Mathematics Dept.
Dates associated with Saint Mary's: 1967-2005

Scope and Content: Major topics include: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, student population

DR. Y.P. Singh Interviewed By Angela Baker June 9 1993

Transcription By: Armin Shujaatullah February 11 2000


AB I have my questions here. Here we go. Okay, so lets start with just a little bit of background, your personal background. Could you state your full name?

YS Yes, Y. P. Singh

AB Okay, and what's your date and place of birth?

YS April 27 1940

AB Okay, so what's your education background?

YS B.Sc., MSC, PhD.

AB Where did you get them?

YS All degrees are from Indian universities. Two from Rajistan University. Last one is Berlin Institute Of Science and Technology.

AB Okay, so what are your research interests?

YS Mathematics. [Differential] equations and [integer] transforms and special functions. So mostly borderline of pure and applied mathamatics which bridges the two branches between pure and applied.

AB Okay.

YS ..Math

AB How many years have you been associated with Saint Mary's?

YS Since 1968.

AB 1968. So when you came here, the school was a lot smaller than it is now.

YS Yes, lot smaller then. I think maybe couple of thousand students I think at that, I'm not sure but round that.

AB So how is, how are how are things changed because of the change in size since you've been here?

YS Mmm, first I think it was under the Jesuits, you know.

AB Oh yeah. 

YS Yes and then I think 1969, or, no 70 it became independent you know, and before we had the faculty association, and then faculty union. I think many new regulations were added, new departments were created. Sexual harassment  for example and other [for] student services many new areas. Um, what else I can think of.

AB What effect did the Jesuits leaving have, on the school? Did you notice any?

YS I don't, I don't think there, but you know before there were different regulations and promotions and so on and [unclear] and so on, right, they later on due to union agreement those regulations was changed. New committees and so on.

AB Oh I see.

YS So set up committees were different now than used to be before. For eve-any in-in almost in every, you know, directions.

AB So the school population has gotten a lot larger. Do you think that your relationship with your students has changed?

YS No, I don't think, is same.

AB No?

YS But I have, same.

AB Same?

YS Yeah..

AB Yeah?

YS So I had before also small classes and larger classes s-same, same now. So I don't find any difference. My relationship with the students is  the same.

AB Uh, you were around the time that women were coming in as full-time students here too.

YS I think when I came here they were just starting and in the beginning they were very few, but now I think fifty-fifty, at least more than one third, close to one half.

AB Oh, I see.

YS So it is a lot.

AB Have you noticed any other changes in your students like ethnic origins or..

YS More foreign students.

AB More foreign.

YS There's Chinese and far more [unclear] countries. Before there were not many. A couple, okay, now there's quite few. I think that's it.

AB How bout, that age of your students. Has that changed over the years?

YS I think it's almost the same.

AB About the same

YS Same

AB Okay. You mentioned the union. What, what effect did that have...

YS Streamlined the regulations.


YS Okay, while before it used to be in the hands of two three persons right. Most of the administration. But now the regulations are streamlined, there's set rules. So things are done according to those rules. Before I think it was not there

AB Oh, I see. Okay. Have you noticed anything different about the people that you work with, like how is your department changed?

YS I think ourr department is almost the same, but bigger now

AB Bigger?

YS Bigger, quite bigger than there used to be. Four-five people before five-six. Now we are ten and many part timers now. Almost ten part-timers. So the department grew bigger and the relationship between the members is I think the same.  

AB Yes

YS Before also we are very, you know, cooperative with one another and this, this time also all along. So [there's] not much difference actually in our department.

AB Oh, that's good. How have the courses that you've offered changed?

YS Some new courses were added. New program was added. Computer science, before it was not there.

AB Oh yeah?

YS I think that's it.

AB That's pretty much

YS Yeah

AB Okay

YS We had honors before and also we have honors, but only some new courses were added, some new programs were added. Mostly computer science

AB Okay. So, are there more or less people that you think are majoring in...

YS Almost, now slightly more. Now in mathematics slightly more. People are mostly coming in to computer science now instead of mathematics

AB Oh yeah

YS In mathematics, the trend is the same as it was before.

AB I see. Okay. What else do I have here. So how , how have the research facilities at Saint Mary's changed over the years. As far as your department is concerned?

YS Almost the same.

AB Almost the same?

YS In our department. It might have changed in other departments but in our department almost the same. So not much change in that.

AB Okay. Well that's about all I wanted to ask, unless you can think of anything else?

YS Thank you very much!

AB That wasn't so bad was it? Ha!