Executive and Professional Development

About Executive and Professional Development (EPD)

EPD offers individuals and organizations training and skills development opportunities. From workshops to certificate programs, you can develop knowledge in everything from budgeting to project management.

Why is Executive and Professional Development important?

EPD provides flexible learning based on adult education principles. Imagine the benefit you can derive from spending two days of applied learning on the challenges you face with conflict management, problem-solving or developing a team. You have the added bonus of meeting colleagues from across the region. Leave a two-day seminar with tools and skills that can be put to work right away.

Our topic areas:

  • Communications* – Writing, editing, proofreading, team building, and more
  • Conflict Resolution* – Zero in on communication, negotiation, and mediation skills
  • Project Management* – From beginners to leaders; courses for all levels
  • Finance* – Budgeting, financial management and complex financial decision-making
  • Human Resources – Fundamentals, recruitment and retention
  • Management* – Improve your core managerial, strategic, and analytical skills
  • Leadership* – Immerse yourself in change management, team development, leadership development, critical thinking
  • *Certificates – in these areas

Contact Us:

Executive and Professional Development
World Trade and Convention Centre
1800 Argyle Street, Suite 801