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Welcome, innovators and entrepreneurs!

Do you want to increase innovation and/or productivity in your organization? 

AND/OR are you an entrepreneurial employee in a startup or SME?

Interested in fast tracking or starting a technology-based business?

While you work, you can enhance your education.

The Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MTEI) is a graduate-level professional program designed to educate and develop entrepreneurial T-shaped professionals.

T-shaped professionals are in demand by employers and economies everywhere. They are deep problem solvers in their home discipline and are capable of innovation and commercialization through applying knowledge and skills that cut across a wide range of technology and business disciplines.

Coming into the program, you will have strong functional knowledge in a discipline area, and a deep interest in technology. The MTEI program will give you targeted knowledge and skills to allow you to succeed as an innovator and entrepreneur.

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Why MTEI? 

  • Full-time program
  • Meet in the classroom on alternating Fridays and Saturdays only
  • Accessible resident faculty and industrial mentors
  • Get 3 great program choices. After 8 months of alternating Fri/Sat full-day classes:
    1. Enter or return to industry for an 8-month internship, then graduate.
    2. Choose the applied project option to complete your degree in 12 or 16 months.
    3. Take the thesis option and research at a less-intense pace.
  • Study at the largest Canadian business school east of Quebec, with deep connections to the entrepreneurial community and important partnerships for innovation
  • Live in Halifax, the commercial, cultural and recreational hub of Atlantic Canada, and a growing centre of innovation and investment!
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