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Tuition Fees and Expenses

The total program costs include: orientation fee; tuition, books and materials; and most in-country study tour costs (for Master’s Program).

Program Fee Table - MMCCU

Additional costs not included above:

• Transportation to and from Orientation + lodging and some meals

• Transportation to and from Study Tour origin + lodging and some meals

• Graduation travel, lodging, and meals

Modest scholarship and bursary funds may be available. See program specific funding opportunities here. For more information, consult the Financial Aid section of the University's web site.


Graduates from Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies (CCLCS), BA program in Co-operative Studies

CCLCS students achieving advanced standing will be eligible to reduce the total cost of the Saint Mary’s programs.

Estimated program costs, including advanced standing reduction:

  • Master’s $24,470* Canadian (you save $4,437 and are exempted from 7.5 credits)
  • Diploma $10,495* Canadian (you save $2,634 and are exempted from 4.5 credits)

(*Cost Savings from advanced standing are calculated based on 2014-15 academic fees.)