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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Co-operative Management Education, Saint Mary's University

Through support from the co-operative sector, the Sisters of Saint Martha and individual donors, there are three bursary funds created to assist potential Co-operative Management Education candidates. The funds are:

  • Sisters of Saint Martha Bursary: Awarded to female students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management or the Master in Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions programs at Saint Mary's University. Recipients must also demonstrate financial need. 2014 Application deadline is May 31st.
  • Dr Sidney Pobihushchy Bursary: Awarded to students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management or the Master in Management - Co-operatives and Credit Unions programs at Saint Mary's University.  Recipients must demonstrate financial need. 2014 Application deadline is May 31st.

  • Leadership in Co-operative Management Education Bursary: Awarded to students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management or the Master in Management - Co-operatives and Credit Unions programs at Saint Mary's University. Recipients must demonstrate financial need. Preference will be given to students from developing countries or co-operative organizations who might not otherwise be able to afford the program costs. 2014 Application deadline is May 31st.

Saint Mary's University

Saint Mary's University offers to students who are experiencing financial hardship the Financial Aid Bursary.  Students must re-apply each term during the academic year.‌

The Handyside Ethical and Social Responsibility Award is presented annually to a graduate or undergraduate, full or part-time student (or small group) who participate in a paper, case or project.  The focus must be on ethical and social responsibility in a non-profit or for-profit organization.  Application deadline is early April.

Alberta Central Scholarship: This scholarship supports Alberta-based credit union employee enrollment in the Master's or Graduate Diploma in Co-operative and Credit Union Management.  The scholarship will support up to two Alberta-based credit union employees per year by funding $6,500 per student in tuition costs.  Please submit a copy of your Saint Mary's University application and the following scholarship application form to the Communications Department ( at Alberta Central to apply.  The scholarship will be awarded to successful applicants based on the merit of materials received. Applications may be submitted to Central prior to acceptance in the program.

Organization of American States Scholarships: The Organization of American States and Saint Mary's University have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement under which students awarded an OAS Scholarship may apply for entry into the Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management Education or the Master in Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions program. Qualified students accepted into the these programs and in receipt of an OAS Scholarship are also eligible for a bursary under the Dr. Sidney Pobihushchy Bursary Fund (above).

NBTA Credit Union: For residents of the Province of New Brunswick (Canada).  NBTA Credit Union presents a number of education awards and scholarships each year.  For more details please visit the NBTA Credit Union website at

Ralph K Morris Foundation: Leadership is a major challenge for co-operatives serving any sector of rural America, both governance and managerial. The viability of co-operatives is a mirror image of those they are designed to serve. This viability is deeply affected by the fundamentals of changing demographics, low economic return on investment, changing business structures, and lifestyle desires. Co-operatives must invest in developing a leadership system that stimulates ongoing participation and hones the intellectual capacity of the willing.

Two scholarships are awarded each year from the Ralph K. Morris Foundation:

The Ralph K. Morris Cooperative Leadership Fund has been established by the Ralph K. Morris Foundation to support the development of future co-operative leaders. See The Foundation's Mission.

Elroy Webster Coop Studies Fund: Students must be legal residents of the United States, but the university can be located in the United States or Canada. Pay particular attention to the cutoff date for applications, usually early August.

Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) Scholarships:

Zonta International: Founded in 1919, Zonta International is a group of dedicated professionals and executives who advocate to improve the status of women, increase the understanding of goodwill and peace, and promote justice and respect for human rights and freedoms. The Jane M. Klausman scholarship helps women pursue a master's education in business management.


Please note that the awards and scholarships listed above are intended to support studies about co-operative businesses and organizations -- they are not intended to support co-op work/study programs in other fields of study.