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International Co-operative Governance Symposium

September 5-7, 2013, Saint Mary's University
The Symposium was a gathering of governance practitioners and researchers who discussed and debated the challenges and opportunities for co-operative governance at a global scale.
To learn more about the Symposium outcomes, click here to see the program, access the Summary Report, and download presentations made on September 7th.
In the lead up to the Symposium, Pauline Green, President of the International Co-operative Alliance, stated that "Good Governance is vital to the trust and confidence in which business is held in today's world. Moreover it is the life blood of our people-owned and controlled model of business - so congratulations to Saint Mary's for this governance symposium which will highlight a key ingredient in helping us build this co-operative decade."
Jean-Louis Bancel reflects on the value of attending the Symposium and the tie back to the ICA Blueprint.  Jean-Louis Bancel is President, le Group Crédit Coopératif, France and Member of the ICA Board of Directors.

Hosting symposia is an important initiative for us.  We value the results of this symposium to help the sector explore potential solutions to tough, unanswered questions; to provide input into our research, training, and education agenda geared toward improving co-operative governance; and to broaden everyone's perspective while learning from other experts across the co-operative movement.
Furthermore, the Symposium was well timed as the ICA was working on the implementation plans for the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade. We aimed to contribute to the ICA's thinking on how best to progress the governance related goals of the co-operative sector globally.
The Symposium attracted roughly 100 participants including:
  • Academic researchers and instructors
  • Chief governance officers and corporate secretaries, Board Chairs and Directors, CEOs
  • Co-operative sector organizations/associations
  • Governance consultants
Symposium Co-Directors:
Karen Miner, Managing Director, Co-operative Management Education,
Dr. Sonja Novkovic,

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