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Faculty Members

DanielCoteDaniel Côté (PhD) is associate professor at L'École des Hautes Etudies Commerciales, Montreal since 1983.  He obtained his Ph.D from Louisiana State University in 1985.  At HEC, he has been involved with le Centre de Gestion des Cooperatives between 1977 and 2003.  He has been the director of this Centre from 1992 to 2003.  He teaches mostly courses on business strategy at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Professor Côté has conducted research on co-operatives for more than 25 years.  He worked on different co-operative sectors (mostly agribusiness and finance) and on issues such as management, strategy, entrepreneurship, etc. His main concern has always been the management of co-operatives in a competitive environment.  His work focuses on the development of a new co-operative paradigm.  He develops the idea that co-operative leaders have an incentive to strengthen their co-operative identity since it is a source of competitive advantage.  His new co-operative paradigm is based on issues of loyalty, mobilization through values, learning organization, meaning and legitimacy.  His approach to research is very much action-based where fundamental ideas and concepts (such as loyalty) are being implemented and tested in a real-life context with existing co-operatives. He has published extensively on these issues.

He regularly gives conferences on co-operatives both in Canada and internationally.  He has been involved in training managers and board members of large co-operatives such as the Caisses Desjardins (financial co-operatives) and agricultural co-operatives.  In 2004, he received the ACE (Association of Co-operative Educators) awards for Outstanding Contribution to Cooperative Education and Training.

Dr. Cote is an Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary's University, where he teaches Strategic Analysis  in the Co-operative Management program.

He was selected as fellow of the Filene Institute in October 2011.


Stephen Dutcher (PhD) holds a PhD in history from the University of New Brunswick. His dissertation, Big Business for the People: Co-operative Wholesaling in the Maritime Provinces, broke new ground in the understanding of the role of co-operatives in Atlantic Canada.

He currently teaches as UNB and is a post-doctoral fellow at the Gorsebrook Research Institute at Saint Mary's. He is the Managing editor of Acadiensis, and also teaches Philosophy and History and Comparative Practice in the Co-operative Management Education program.



Dr. Sonja Novkovic, professor of economics, active in the co-operative management education program.Sonja Novkovic (Ph.D.) is a Professor of Economics at Saint Mary's University. Her research interests are in the field of labour-managed and cooperative firms, social economy, and comparative economics. She has applied evolutionary economics and learning via genetic algorithms as tools of modeling adaptive economic agents.

She is the past president of the International Association for the Economics of Participation (IAFEP) and past Vice President of the Canadian Association for Studies in Cooperation (CASC). She teaches Global Economy and Society I in the Co-operative Management Education program.



AlanRobbAlan Robb was appointed an Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary's University in 2005. He has taught at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, where he served two terms as Head of the Department of Accountancy, Finance & Information Systems and was responsible for introducing a postgraduate paper on co-operatives and mutual organisations. His academic specialisations include financial accounting, fraud and company failure, business ethics, co-operatives and mutual businesses.

He has had wide business experience internationally. He is frequently consulted by the media, accounting practitioners, boards of major businesses and has been called as an expert witness by chartered accountants and before the Securities Commission. He teaches Financial Management I in the Co-operative Management Education program. He is widely respected as an independent and authoritative commentator on co-operatives and general business issues

Be sure to visit Mr. Robb's website.


Dr. Tom Webb of the Co-operative Management Education program‌Tom Webb (MA) is an Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary's University and recently retired as Program Manager of the former Master of Management – Co-operatives and Credit Unions program.  He teaches Global Economy and Society II and Field Research and Study Tour in the Co-operative Management Education program.

He is a former Director of Extension at St. Francis Xavier University and prior to his university work he has 25 years experience as a co-operative manager, member of several co-operative boards of directors, co-operative business consultant and advisor to two cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister on regional development. His research interests cover a range of co-operative management issues and he has spoken widely on various aspects of co-operative business.  He is currently involved in a major SSHRCC funded project exploring accounting in co-operatives.


GregoryFleetGregory J. Fleet (Ph.D) is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John. Dr. Fleet's current research explores a variety of aspects of how the internet continues to challenge businesses and institutions, communities and individuals.

His work explores: the use of new Web 2.0 tools both in the classroom and in business; the transformational impacts of high-speed internet in rural New Brunswick; the death of the traditional web browser; and, user-centred design, cognitive apprenticeship and social bookmarking in eLearning. He teaches IT and Communications in the Co-operative Management Education program.



Georgina Whyatt (BA (Hons), MBA, DipCIM) is Head of the Marketing Department at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.  Her research interests focus on marketing strategy implementation in the context of communities, cooperatives and business ethics.

Before entering academia, Georgina held positions in retail management and international marketing, both in the UK and in Hong Kong. She teaches Marketing the Advantage in the Co-operative Management Education program.


JamesHowardSmithJames Howard Smith (MBA, CPA) is a Certified Public Accountant who specializes in cooperative finance, operations and taxation.

He consults in matters of the finance and taxation of rate regulated utilities and cooperatives. In areas of finance, Mr. Smith's experience includes recapitalizations, bankruptcies, financial workouts, privatization, merger, acquisition and corporate formations, equity management plans, and capital cost recovery plans, in addition to traditional rate analysis for utilities. He teaches Financial Management II in the Co-operative Management Education program.


Peter Davis

Peter Davis (PhD) joined our instructor roster in January 2013 to teach the Leading and Managing People course. Peter resides in the UK where he is an Honorary Fellow at the University of Leicester School of Management and directs the Unit for Membership Based Organisations.

He has a 25 year career in Higher Education working as a lecturer and conducting research that has led to the publication of books, book chapters, and refereed journal papers. In addition to his academic career, Peter has practitioner experience as an industrial relations organiser and negotiator as well as a management consultant. Also, he has an extensive international reputation for his work in the field of Co-operative Management and Organisational Development having undertaken visiting lecturer positions, research, publication, conferences, and seminar presentations around the world. 


Larry Haiven, management professor

Larry joined the Sobey School of Business in 2001 in the Department of Management. He was previously on the faculty of the College of Commerce at the University of Saskatchewan.

His research, publication and advisory specialties are in the area of management-union relations, public sector collective bargaining (especially health care) and professionalism. He is presently part of several SSHRC-funded research groups investigating labour and the “new economy.”