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Dr. Patricia Bradshaw, Dean of the Sobey School of Business

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Autumn seems to move so quickly. The new academic year launches, and before we realize, it’s midterm exam time.

As we launched our 2013-14 academic year and welcomed new and returning students to the Sobey School of Business, we also launched our new logo.

Selecting a new logo is a creative process based on extensive consultation and some intuition.  We get asked, “What does the logo symbolize?”  Let me share what I see when I look at this image, and I invite you to share your impressions.

I see an active representation of leadership in turbulent times such as those we are in.  The empty box in the middle speaks to possibilities and something unfilled, perhaps inviting new meaning.  The image itself has a feeling of three dimensions, but when I focus on it I am not sure what the direction of depth is.  As great leaders move beyond the symptoms of problems and look deeper to root causes, it helps them to look at problems from multiple perspectives.  The image contains energy pulling in two directions, and symbolizes to me creative tension; the yin and yang of situations and the paradoxical nature of reality.

Finally, I see the shape as a box kite that can soar to great heights.  Leaders must lift off and take a bigger systems view in order to manage complexity.  Such big picture thinking transcends contradictions, allows great vision to come into focus and inspires those in the trenches.  Such perspectives invite a view of the globe and global thinking. 

At the Sobey School, we are passionate about preparing leaders with the skills to thrive in today’s complex and rapidly changing times, and this new logo captures the spirit of such competencies for me.  We commissioned an animation to open the discussion of its meaning - please follow this link to see how we did so.

Patricia Bradshaw, PhD

Dean, Sobey School of Business

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