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E. Student Life - 2014

 E1. Residence of First-time, First-year Undergraduate Students - 2014

Geographical Origin Percent
Nova Scotia 58%
Canada 14%
Outside of Canada 29%

E2. Percentage of Full-time Undergraduate Students Who Live on Campus - 2014

Percentage of full-time, undergraduate students living on campus: 6%

Percentage of full-time, first-year, first-time, undergraduate students living on campus: 14%

E3. Extracurricular Activities Offered

Please visit Clubs & Societies for information on extracurricular activities.

E4. Housing

The Residence Department is an integral component of the academic community which provides students with housing which is clean, well maintained, accessible, diversely populated, reasonably priced and where safety is a priority.

For more information, please visit Residence Life & Housing.