About Saint Mary's

Service Excellence: TESL

The Language Centre at Saint Mary's University is one of the leading English language centres in Canada, offering a variety of ESL and teacher-training programs carefully designed to meet student needs. For students of English, the Intensive English Program offers year round language, cultural, and orientation programs.

This is how the Language Centre measures Service Excellence:


  1. Consistency in implementation of policy, (both academic and administrative)
  2. Timely communication with all stakeholders
  3. Accessibility of staff and instructors to students
  4. Accuracy in all forms of communication and record keeping
  5. Integrity, transparency, respect


  1. Competency in all aspects of operations
  2. Empathy and respect towards students
  3. Consistent adherence to policy
  4. Approachability, accountability, willingness to “go the extra mile”
  5. Confidentiality


  1. Patience
  2. Compassion
  3. Linguistic sensitivity in dealing with ESL learners
  4. Proactive in anticipating needs and concerns
  5. Recognition of, and respect for, cultural diversity amongst the student body


  1. Timely, courteous responses to email enquiries
  2. Timely, courteous responses to homestay/residence concerns
  3. Timely, courteous responses to student academic concerns
  4. Timely, courteous responses to external stakeholders
  5. Timely, courteous responses to university stakeholders


  1. Instructor dress code adhered to
  2. Neat, clean TESL infrastructure, (as much as 980 Tower will allow)  
  3. Well-organized, accessible, TESL library
  4. Smooth, orderly transition from 980 Tower to 960 Tower
  5. Professionalism in appearance and demeanor of administrative staff