About Saint Mary's

Service Excellence: Student Services

Student Services provides a range of diverse services designed to facilitate students' psychological, physical, cultural, spiritual, emotional and educational development through leadership opportunities, training, needs-based programming, mentoring and counselling.

This is how Student Services measures Service Excellence:


  1. Students come first. Service delivery more one on one
  2. Treat every student or person as an individual by recognizing their issues and concerns are most important to them
  3. Office hours are displayed and adhered to
  4. Provide correct and accurate responses, decisions to questions and problems
  5. Consistently respect and promote diversity
  6. The Department understands the University and Student Services vision, mission and values.


  1. Students and broader community made to feel comfortable and secure in their interactions with staff
  2. Respect confidentiality of student’s record and files
  3. Yearly meeting of department to go over key message and philosophy
  4. Take time to listen and understand. Not being judgemental
  5. Understand limits of competence. Make referrals to the appropriate person or department


  1. Empathy is at the core of the work we do. Treat all students with respect
  2. Need to understand the diverse needs of our multi-cultural student population


  1. Provide clear advice and guidance to students
  2. Provide caring and quality service to students
  3. Reply to voice messages and emails within a timely manner (24-48 hours)


  1. Department offices need to be neat and welcoming
  2. Bulletin boards need to be colorful, organized and up-to-date
  3. Website needs to be interesting, informative and kept up-to-date
  4. Building directory needs to be located in a highly visible space and kept up-to-date