About Saint Mary's

Service Excellence: Sobey School of Business

The Dean's office helps students find answers to any questions related to their specific program, research interests, or their degree. A variety of advising services are offered.

This is how the Office of the Dean, Sobey School of Business measures Service Excellence:


  1. We consistently implement and adhere to processes and policies  and work to standardize procedures between departments.
    • We are consistent over time.
    • We are consistent between departments.
    • We aim for consistency between the Sobey School and the rest of the University.
  2. We are accessible. 
    • Our hours are consistent and clearly communicated.
    • During those hours we are ready to serve.
  3. Our communications are accurate. 


  1. We have up-to-date and accurate information in order to provide very high quality advice and information.
  2. Our communication is friendly and supportive. We use plain language and employ appropriate non-verbal cues to communicate effectively in our multi-cultural environment.
  3. We are familiar with the other programs and services of the School and the University.


  1. We maintain a calm demeanour and work to create and foster a compassionate and caring environment.
  2. We identify with and listen to students.
  3. We are approachable.


  1. We communicate realistic timeframes and then meet them. 
    • Students know when they will 'hear back'.
    • Students know what the next steps are.
  2. We support each other in meeting timeframes and deadlines.


  1. Our web-based services (blackboard, banner, websites) are reliable, accurate and helpful.
  2. Our offices are clean and inviting and we look and feel professional.