About Saint Mary's

Service Excellence: ITSS

Information Technology Systems & Support provides the Saint Mary's University community with a broad range of IT services, such as email, internet and telephone services, campus computer labs, personal websites, and technical support. It also helps students, faculty, and staff use and understand information technology.

This is how ITSS measures Service Excellence:


  1. Service consistently delivered
  2. Clients can contact through multiple means/channels
  3. Managed client expectations
  4. Projects Finish on-time and on budget
  5. Standard process and procedures are well documented
  6. Complete service requests correctly first time
  7. Consistent, clear communication


  1. Deliver to expectations
  2. Professional behavior (Respect, courtesy, Listening, Prompt, on-time, diplomatic, approachability)
  3. Ethical (Accepting of accountability, taking of responsibility, maintain and promoting confidentiality)
  4. Expertise (Confidence shown in what we are doing, Competence, Protecting data)
  5. Plain communication (Transparency, Feedback on work being done)
  6. Adherence to policy, recommend alternatives that are still in policy


  1. Personal attention (Focus, Listening, Patience)
  2. Behave like it is the first time you heard it; don’t assume the answer
  3. See things from other person’s perspective (Cultural and generational awareness, Sensitivities for different levels of knowledge, Understanding of emotional toll on customer, make emotional connection)
  4. Receptive to suggestions and constructive criticisms
  5. Business Understanding (Context, critical periods, events, technology use)
  6. Have support information in different ways at different times


  1. Good communication (Provide status of updates on service, clear, concise, follow-up)
  2. Documented policies and procedures (Backup action plan for service failures, Understand departmental  and group service standards, timelines for service response, Service Level Agreements)
  3. Timeliness of response (Triage problem quickly, Understand priorities, Respect both customers time and our own, Follow through to resolution)
  4. Manage Expectations (Keep promises reasonable, keep promises)
  5. Being knowledgeable about your job
  6. Empower people to assist, even if the assistance is not your primary job function


  1. No clutter in workspace (No loose cables, wires, etc)
  2. Adequate lighting
  3. Coats, backpacks, and boots are stored out of sight
  4. Common areas clean and tidy (Kitchen, meeting rooms, computer labs)
  5. Common area technology is working correctly
  6. Front entry way clean, organized and inviting
  7. Professional dress (clothing appropriate for role and people in contact with)
  8. Communication and documents are clear and complete
  9. Being prepared for meetings and presentations