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Service Excellence: International Activities

The International Activities office support the broader goal of the internationalization of the Saint Mary’s campus.  It is dedicated to enriching the lives of students, faculty and staff through the development and enhancement of international experiences and perspectives.  It creates opportunities for students to select the exact international experience suited to their needs, whether on campus or in other parts of the world.  Through its international network of contacts, it provides a high level of support to anyone in the Saint Mary’s community who is interested in becoming involved in a broad range of activities with an international focus.

This is how International Activities measures Service Excellence:


  1. Internal and external reports and proposals are completed well and on time, i.e. report recipients are satisfied and proposals are successful (at least some of the time).
  2. The requirements and timelines for student mobility and internship programs are clear and easily accessible.
  3. Communications from students, internal and external clients are appropriately responded to in a timely fashion.
  4. Emergency plans are in place.


  1. Utmost care, clarity and respect in all communications with clients, including students, staff and faculty, funding agencies, and partner institutions.
  2. IAO staff members are knowledgeable about
    • Expertise available within SMU
    • Appropriate procedures to follow for all SMU services, especially those related to academic programs
    • Services available at academic partner institutions
    • Potential partner institutions and organizations internationally
    • Policies and procedures of potential funding agencies


  1. Emergency procedures include recognition of need for sympathy and support beyond the purely practical.
  2. Accommodation of students’ late exchange application submissions, late withdrawal from exchange programs due to extenuating circumstances, etc. where possible.
  3. Flexibility with individual students’ plans in group programs, where possible.
  4. Meet/communicate regularly with all clients to ensure that their needs are being met.


  1. Timeliness of responses to client inquiries.
  2. Able to respond to various types of emergencies
  3. Able to deal with ambiguous situations and changes in client needs
  4. Competing demands are prioritized appropriately


  1. Neatness and cleanliness of offices
  2. Organization of client information in paper and electronic files.
  3. Appropriate signage for International Activities
  4. Staff professionally dressed
  5. Bulletin boards on campus are well kept and informative