About Saint Mary's

Service Excellence: Human Resources

The Human Resources service group provides practical HR-related services, partnering with Saint Mary's business units to maximize performance through people.

This is how the group measures Service Excellence:


  1. Apply Practices/Processes Consistently
  2. Provide accurate and timely communication & follow up
  3. Comprehensive assessment of issues/needs
  4. Accessible information & staff


  1. Acknowledgement (empathy, professional and courteous)
  2. Compliance and consistent application of policy, practices, legislation and collective agreements
  3. Respectful communications (attentiveness, active listening)
  4. Comprehensive assessment/research/understanding
  5. Ascertaining needs and providing appropriate response and/or re-directing as necessary
  6. Being accountable and responsible/humility


  1. Sincerity/Respectfulness/Compassion
  2. Respecting confidentiality
  3. Taking concerns at face value/Unbiased/Non-judgemental
  4. Focused Individualized attention/Active listening
  5. Ensuring information is relevant, complete and accurate
  6. Managing expectations
  7. Cooperating/working with other service providers to resolve issues and concerns


  1. Managing expectations/time lines/deadlines
  2. Communication of information (website & bulletin boards), written and verbal
  3. Ensuring follow up (closing the loop) if needed
  4. Be accountable and take responsibility
  5. Providing solutions


  1. Tidy/orderly work spaces
  2. Organization of information/Ease of access of files
  3. Bulletin boards/Website – up to date, ease of use
  4. Professionalism in appearance
  5. Act as ambassadors for the University