About Saint Mary's

Service Excellence: Facilities Management

Facilities Management oversees the physical maintenance, operation, renovation and security of the University’s buildings and service infrastructure. It coordinates Saint Mary’s physical workplace and safety with the needs of staff, students, faculty and other members of the Saint Mary’s community. Its activities are complex and depend on skills from several fields including engineering, business management, project managers, trades, custodial, operators, security officers and administration.

This is how the Facilities Management measures Service Excellence:


  1. Department establishes service standards to meet the needs within the department’s resources.
  2. Department manages expectations by communicating expected levels of service.
  3. Department meets communicated expectations of standard of service.
  4. Department demonstrates dependability in the event of an emergency.
  5. Department understands the University and Department’s vision, mission, values and roles.
  6. Defined, organized and efficient systems in place to address client requests.


  1. Act in a competent and calm manner in emergency and non-emergency situations
  2. Provide service in a professional manner.
  3. Provide support to clients in stressful situations.
  4. Act in a manner that promotes trust in clients.
  5. Act in a manner which instills a confidence of the department’s technical skills and service delivery.
  6. Management obtain input from staff through timely communication of new initiatives and projects.


  1. Listen to requests and come to understand the client’s concern.
  2. Listen and communicate with clients.
  3. Solicit client input and provide feedback in an open and transparent manner
  4. Meet regularly with staff and key groups to understand their needs.
  5. Work in a polite, respective, attentive, and approachable manner
  6. Do not disturb students when they are studying, respect their privacy and needs
  7. Be polite to residence students and be approachable to answer questions and responds to their requests


  1. Provide service in a professional and timely manner based on established priorities.
  2. Listen and communicate with clients regularly to understand their current/future needs and migrate past barriers
  3. Demonstrate competence and react appropriately.
  4. Respond quickly and effectively to meet customer needs.
  5. Having the ability to do ones job well
  6. Being friendly, helpful, respectful


  1. Functional and Modern Facilities.
  2. Safe environment.
  3. Professional Level of appearance and cleanliness of the buildings.
  4. Professional Level of response to meet priorities.
  5. Professional appearance of staff.
  6. Communication of the department’s Parking Demand Management Plan