About Saint Mary's

Service Excellence: External Affairs

External Affairs is a key link between the community, government and the University. Its departments include Communications, Alumni, Development and Planned Giving. As the external face of the external University it is crucial staff work quickly and efficiently in all its interactions.

This is how External Affairs measures Service Excellence:


  1. Emails, phone calls answered promptly
  2. Social media frequently updated
  3. Website pages current
  4. Donor stewardship
  5. Media inquiries answered promptly
  6. Alumni inquiries answered promptly


  1. Donor reports issued in a timely fashion.
  2. Donor and prospect information kept confidential
  3. Improve information about Alumni in the databases


  1. Personal contact with stakeholders
  2. Staff in External Affairs to exhibit warm, friendly behaviour towards all


  1. Ability to work with student organizations to help them achieve their goals with respect to special events, speakers on campus etc.
  2. Timely decisions around granting support for student activities, both resource and money.


  1. Clean offices
  2. Organized electronic files
  3. Appropriate dress for the office and for special events