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Special Guest Speaker Leads 2017 Winter Convocation at Saint Mary’s University

18 January, 2017

Saeed Head Shot

2017 Winter Convocation Special Guest Speaker Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO of SimplyCast.


Saint Mary’s University is proud to announce special guest speaker Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO of SimplyCast, for the 2017 Winter Convocation.

Mr. El-Darahali is an alumnus with a Bachelor of Science, an HR Certificate and a Master of Business Administration, all from Saint Mary’s University. In addition to the prominent role he plays within his own company, Mr. El-Darahali heads a committee on immigration and retention for the OneNS Coalition, shares his knowledge as a teacher and lecturer at the Sobey School of Business, and hires and mentors many Saint Mary’s graduates.

“Mr. El-Darahali exemplifies what it means to be a Santamarian,” said Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray, President of Saint Mary’s University. “As an alumnus who runs his own international company, he shows our students the opportunities that exist in Nova Scotia for new graduates.”

Winter convocation takes place this Friday, January 20, at 10 a.m. and at 2 p.m. and will feature graduates from:

  • Sobey School of Business- Bachelor of Commerce, Certificates/Diplomas in Business
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research- Graduate Degrees in Business
  • Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science- Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Bachelor of Science, Certificates/Diplomas in Arts & Science
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research- Graduate Degrees in the Disciplines of Arts & Science

For more information on graduation and convocation at Saint Mary’s visit http://www.smu.ca/academics/graduation.html.