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SMU launches campaign in defence of the Liberal Arts

13 May, 2016

Arts Campaign

The Saint Mary's Arts with Impact campaign and website was launched in the Paul O'Regan Hall at the Halifax Central Library.

At a time when students and parents are increasingly concerned about the employment prospects stemming from post-secondary education, Saint Mary’s is making a compelling statement of purpose—an Arts education is not only relevant in today’s world, but vital.

"A Liberal Arts education develops critical thinkers and producers of knowledge that promote positive discussion and change,” said Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray, President. “We believe the Liberal Arts can play a key role in debates that formulate public policy and encourage excellence in research.”

This week saw the launch of a website and a series of videos at smuarts.ca, showcasing faculty, students, and others committed to community outreach and engagement.

“The relevance of a Liberal Arts education has recently come under attack from some quarters," said Dr. Margaret MacDonald, Dean, Faculty of Arts. "That’s why Saint Mary’s has responded by communicating why and how the Liberal Arts remain crucial in the 21st century."

Saint Mary’s University is making the real-world impact of the Liberal Arts front-and-centre in its community.

From Dr. Syed Adnan Hussain’s public lectures on post-9/11 Islam, to Dr. Tanya Peckmann’s work establishing new forensic approaches to solving missing-persons cases, the real-world impact stemming from Saint Mary’s Faculty of Arts is felt far and wide.

Arts Campaign site thumbnailSaint Mary’s is proud to share our approach to the Liberal Arts – ensuring that students have practical, meaningful opportunities to connect their education to the real world.

‌To learn more about the impact of a Liberal Arts education visit www.smuarts.ca.