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Update Regarding Undergraduate Tuition Market Adjustments

22 October, 2015

The Saint Mary’s University Board of Governors has approved the adoption of undergraduate tuition market adjustments differentiated by Faculty and ranging from $39 to $108 per full course equivalency (FCE). These adjustments translate to tuition increases between $194 and $540 annually for each of the next three years (based on five FCEs), beginning September 2016.

Earlier this year, Nova Scotia’s Department of Labour and Advanced Education authorized all Nova Scotia universities to implement a one-time tuition market adjustment to help universities achieve financial sustainability.

“In light of funding reductions and increasing expenses, Saint Mary’s has been developing fundraising and other revenue sources to ensure we are on a sustainable financial footing,” said Board Chair John S. Fitzpatrick, QC. “This one-time, government approved, market adjustment will help us maintain and improve the academic and student experience, and continue to position us for the future as one of Canada's premium urban undergraduate experiences.”

Historically, tuition at Saint Mary's has been low compared to its peers, with the gap widening after years of a province-wide tuition cap.

“Tuition and fees at Saint Mary's are competitively priced, and at the end of this process our tuition will be more closely aligned with our peer group,” said Fitzpatrick. “Saint Mary's is a top-five undergraduate university in Canada, and our tuition adjustment reflects market expectations for a post-secondary education.”

The tuition market adjustment will be phased in over three years.

“A more ambitious plan might have us move faster. We know there will be impact on students already enrolled and we want to minimize that,” said Fitzpatrick. “While tuition is increasing, increased funding in student aid will ensure we remain accessible. This has traditionally been a strength for the university as we have significantly increased student scholarships and bursaries in recent years.”

Saint Mary’s University has worked in alignment with the province on this tuition market adjustment.


Per Full Course Equivalency (FCE)

Annual Adjustment
(based on five FCEs)

Over three years

Faculty of Arts




Faculty of Science




Sobey School of Business





Adjustment to match Science tuition for both first and second year  

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