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Please take the time to review pickup details before coming to pick up permit.

Parking Application

Apply for Summer parking now 


Please note: Parking on campus without a valid permit may lead to ticketing and/or an immobilization boot. You will not be issued a parking permit until ALL outstanding violations have been paid.

Purchasing a general above ground parking permit does not guarantee you a parking spot. We suggest arriving on campus as early as possible, leaving yourself enough time to find a parking space in one of our 8 parking lots. Permits are not valid at parking meters. Parking in an accessible space is only valid when your SMU permit is accoumpanied by a Registry of Motor Vehicle's Mobility Disabled Identification Permit plate or tag. Overnight parking is prohibited for above ground permits.

Parking Permit Overview 

Staff, Faculty (Full & Part Time) and Professional Librarian permits are sold as 12 month (valid from September 1st to August 31st) or Summer (valid from May 1st to August 31st).

Academic year permits may be purchased up to April 30th at a pro-rated cost.

Part time faculty members are eligible for one complimentary above ground permit per year. If requesting an underground or carpool permit, the cost will be at the full time faculty rate.

Application dates:

All permit applications open at 9:00AM (AST) on the noted dates. Applications received prior to 9:00AM (AST) will be void.

  • Above ground permits (Academic year) - TBA
  • Underground - TBA
  • Summer permits (Above ground only) - April 4, 2016

Please note, you will not be contacted for confirmation of application receipt or approval unless otherwise stated. Please read pickup information carefully.

Payroll Deduction, Payment & Pickup details

Payroll deduction will not be accepted at this time. Full payment is due at the time of pickup.


  • Above ground yearly permits (including combo, motorcycle & carpool) - after successful submission of your application, you may come in to pick up within 24hrs. You will only be contacted if your name must be placed on a waiting list.
  • Summer (above ground parking permits only) - pickup will begin on April 22, 2016. If you apply on or after April 22th, please wait 24 business hours before coming in to pick up your permit. You will not be contacted for confirmation. 
  • Underground permits - You will be contacted within 5 business days. Please wait to be contacted before coming in to pickup. If your name must be placed on a waitlist prior to 'sold out' notification being posted online, than you will be notified via email or telephone.

Above Ground


  • Staff (Academic year) - $393
  • Full-time Faculty & Professional Librarian (Academic year) - $433
  • Summer (2016) - $123
  • Part-time Faculty - Complimentary (with presentation of employment contract)

Automobile & Motorcycle Combo

Motorcycle parking is located in the Arena Parking Lot. Motorcycle permits are not valid anywhere else on campus.


  • Staff - $426
  • Faculty & Professional Librarian - $465
  • Part-time Faculty - See below **

**Part-time Faculty selecting this option must choose which permit they would like to receive as complimentary; your contract allows for one free parking permit (i.e. you may receive a complimentary automobile permit and pay the difference for the motorcycle).



  • Staff, Faculty & Professional Librarian - $76
  • Part-time Faculty - See below**

**Part time Faculty may receive this permit complimentary if it is the only permit they are choosing.


With payment of an underground parking permit, you will be issued an assigned parking space. Underground permits are not valid for use above ground.


  • Staff, Faculty (Full & Part-time) and Professional Librarian - $642


Carpool is offered at SMU for groups of 3 or more people. These permits are issued on a first come, first serve basis. You will be assigned a parking spot located in the North West corner of the Science parking lot.


  • Staff (Academic year) - $393    
  • Faculty (Full & Part-time) and Professional Librarian (Academic year) - $433
  • Summer (2016) - $123

Please note:

  • Each group member must register and show proof of a vehicle (ie. Vehicle Registration).
  • Each group member must be a current SMU employee.
  • One permit is issued to each group and must be transferred between vehicles.
  • Each group is assigned a reserved parking space.

Cost would be the same as an above ground permit. If your group has both Staff and Faculty members, than the cost will be that of the majority (ie. 2 staff and 1 faculty will pay staff rate).

**Payroll deduction may not be used for Carpool permits.

facilities.management@smu.ca or 902-420-5572


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